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Názor k článku Go: minimalistický a překvapivě výkonný programovací jazyk od lopata - Já ti to nebudu znovu vysvětlovat, když jsi...

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  • 26. 11. 2018 10:46

    lopata (neregistrovaný) 2a02:598:7001:----:----:----:----:----

    Já ti to nebudu znovu vysvětlovat, když jsi to nepochopil. Zkus třeba i jiné zdroje, třeba ti to dojde: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/ssw_aix_72/com.ibm.aix.performance/when_dyn_linking_static_linking.htm

    A more subtle effect is a reduction in "locality of reference." You may be interested in only a few of the routines in a library, and these routines may be scattered widely in the virtual address space of the library. Thus, the total number of pages you need to touch to access all of your routines is significantly higher than if these routines were all bound directly into your executable program. One impact of this situation is that, if you are the only user of these routines, you experience more page faults to get them all into real memory. In addition, because more pages are touched, there is a greater likelihood of causing an instruction translation lookaside buffer (TLB) miss.