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  • 24. 1. 2007 23:16

    Hello i will like to purchase this ( phone) in other to
    proffesional support for our maketer who are saddled with major
    to determine and satisfy market needs. Therefore, apart from providing
    proffesional support we also determine to maximize the efficiency of
    clientby providing them with well required goods and services. Hence,
    we will
    like to tell you the way we transact with. (1):I will like to know the
    in which you want the item to go and the number of the item you have
    in stock.
    (2): Our method of payment are through Bank to Bank Transfer.
    (3)and i will like u to give me ur total cost whit the shppment
    through FEDEX,DHL
    (4). Can i trust you with the word of your mouth and your Business? So
    back to us now with your Name, address, quantity of product available
    and the
    last price for the Unit so that we can send one of my Client out now
    for the
    Payment. my email is jo_cole85@yahoo.com
    Thanks regards "