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Názor ke zprávičce Craig Wright, údajný Satoshi Nakamoto, zavřel web a přestává komunikovat od Jarda_P - Tak Malthus mel k dispozici mene informaci, nez...

  • 9. 5. 2016 15:21


    Tak Malthus mel k dispozici mene informaci, nez my. Take nemel pocitacove modely. Krome toho nepredpovedel vyhubeni lidstva: "Notwithstanding the apocalyptic image conveyed by this particular paragraph, Malthus himself did not subscribe to the notion that mankind was fated for a "catastrophe" due to population overshooting resources. Rather, he believed that population growth was generally restricted by available resources."

    Rimsky klub nevydal zadnou predpoved zaniku lidstva, ale "The purpose of The Limits to Growth was not to make specific predictions, but to explore how exponential growth interacts with finite resources. Because the size of resources is not known, only the general behavior can be explored."

    Jini ale berou The Limits to Growth vazneji, nez ty: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limits_to_Growth#2012:_40_years

    BTW, vyse jsem to napsal blbe. Neni to do padesati let, ale do roku 2050.