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Názor ke zprávičce Deset nejneoblíbenějších jazyků od Karel - Prakticky od začátku. Dnes by se řeklo, že...

  • 6. 11. 2017 14:49

    Karel (neregistrovaný) ---.cust.nbox.cz

    Prakticky od začátku. Dnes by se řeklo, že je to fork Pascalu.


    "In 1986, Borland introduced similar extensions, also called Object Pascal, to the Turbo Pascal product for the Macintosh, and in 1989 for Turbo Pascal 5.5 for DOS. When Borland refocused from DOS to Windows in 1994, they created a successor to Turbo Pascal, called Delphi and introduced a new set of extensions to create what is now known as the Delphi language.

    The development of Delphi started in 1993 and Delphi 1.0 was officially released in the United States on 14 February 1995. While code using the Turbo Pascal object model could still be compiled, Delphi featured a new syntax using the keyword class in preference to object, the Create constructor and a virtual Destroy destructor (and negating having to call the New and Dispose procedures), properties, method pointers, and some other things. These were inspired by the ISO working draft for object-oriented extensions, but many of the differences from Turbo Pascal's dialect (such as the draft's requirement that all methods be virtual) were ignored.

    The Delphi language has continued to evolve over the years to support constructs such as dynamic arrays, generics and anonymous methods."