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Názor ke zprávičce Google chystá blokování reklamy v Chrome od aaa - Diky za odkaz!, ale: > This does not prevent...

  • 20. 4. 2017 21:27

    aaa (neregistrovaný) ---.19.broadband15.iol.cz

    Diky za odkaz!, ale:

    > This does not prevent such resources from being downloaded, but only impacts the way the page is rendered in your browser. This is done as safely as possible, with cookies, and other identifiers disabled (by default) for all Ad requests.

    Once an Ad has been detected, CSS is used to render it invisible and to collapse the surrounding DOM if necessary. The rules for Ad detection are stored in a wide range of community-sourced and managed filter lists, each of which may be enabled or disabled in the 3rd-party-filters panel. Additionally, hiding itself may be disabled, either globally, for a site, or for a page, via the settings panels.

    A pak:

    hile AdNauseam is far safer than using no blocker at all, it is indeed marginally safer for one to simply use a strong adblocker and protect themselves. But it is also safer to stay at home rather than to attend a protest.

    ...takze samozrejme, jak se spusti request a neco se stahuje, neni to 100% bezpecny.
    Navic vam to nesetri data (a cpu?) tak jako totalni blokace.