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Názor ke zprávičce Hlasování k OOXML v ČR od anonym - Je vidět, že jste přeskočil jeden z posledních...

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  • 3. 9. 2007 22:35

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    Je vidět, že jste přeskočil jeden z posledních odstavců toho textu:

    So what is ODF doing about formulas? We're continuing to work on them. Rather than rush, we're doing careful, methodical work. We're documenting the functions in great detail. Where we have the choice between the common naive formula for a function and one that is numerically stable, we're documenting the stable function. For the NETWORKDAYS function, we created an optional extra parameter, so a user can pass in a flag that tells what their weekend conventions are. We have a professor of statistics reviewing our statistics functions for completeness and accuracy. We're verifying our assumptions about financial functions by referring to core specifications from groups like the ISDA and the NASD. We're creating a huge number of test cases and checking them with Excel and other applications.