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Názor ke zprávičce Kniha Mozilly, 11:14 od xnm - V Bledém měsíci si dali práci s úpravou: Mozilla:...

  • 22. 9. 2017 12:46

    xnm (neregistrovaný) 77.48.49.---

    V Bledém měsíci si dali práci s úpravou:

    Mozilla: In Memoriam

    Dedicated to the tireless developers who have come and gone.
    To those who have put their heart and soul into Mozilla products.
    To those who have seen their good intentions and hard work squandered.
    To those who really cared about the user, and cared about usability.
    To those who truly understood us and desired freedom, but were unheard.
    To those who knew that change is inevitable, but loss of vision is not.
    To those who were forced to give up the good fight.

    Thank you. Pale Moon would not have been possible without you.