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Vlákno názorů ke zprávičce Microsoft prý nemá čas zveřejnit „porušované” patenty od neurol23 - Chris Burke (6130) on Thursday May 24,...

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  • 28. 5. 2007 18:28

    neurol23 (neregistrovaný)
    Chris Burke (6130) on Thursday May 24, @06:08PM (#19261057)
    The number 235 didn't come from any Microsoft internal research or MS funded research. It came from an independent research paper that examined patent vulnerability of various software. Microsoft saw the paper and decided to run with it, saying that the paper proved that "Linux violates 235 of Microsoft's patents".

    Then the paper's author spoke out, saying that MS was misrepresenting the results. First, it was 235 potential infringements, in part because none of those 235 patents had been tested in court and could be invalid. Second, these were not all Microsoft's patents.

    Frankly I think he was far too kind. Microsoft turns "potential" into "actual", and "235 patents" into "235 of our patents". That's not "misrepresenting", that's fucking lying, especially when it comes to implicitly claiming ownership of patents which are not theirs.

    Oh yeah, and thirdly the author said that Linux was not atypical compared to closed source software in how many patents it potentially violated. The fact is, and one of the conclusions of the study, was that software patents are such a minefield that pretty much every piece of software potentially violates some.
  • 28. 5. 2007 20:14

    vain (neregistrovaný)
    Hm k tomu se hodí takové to, jak to bylo... jo už vím, jedna babka říkala...