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Názor ke zprávičce Microsoft vytvořil chatovacího robota. Během dne se z něj stal neonacista od Jarda_P - Air France Flight 447: "The BEA's final report,...

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  • 29. 3. 2016 18:46


    Air France Flight 447: "The BEA's final report, released at a news conference on 5 July 2012,[4][5] concluded that the aircraft crashed after temporary inconsistencies between the airspeed measurements – likely due to the aircraft's pitot tubes being obstructed by ice crystals – caused the autopilot to disconnect, after which the crew reacted incorrectly and ultimately caused the aircraft to enter an aerodynamic stall from which it did not recover."

    Ted je otazka, jak by se AI dozvedela, ze leti moc pomalu, kdyz pristroje rikaji neco jineho.

    Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash: "The Polish authorities found serious deficiencies in the organization and training of the Air Force unit involved, which was subsequently disbanded."

    Cili zase stejny duvod: Nedostatecny trenink a vubec obecny bordel. V tomto pripade by asi AI byla lepsi.