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Názor ke zprávičce Mnoho uživatelů přechází z WhatsApp na Signal od michal - Je otazka, jestli se to sharovani uz nedeje....

  • 9. 1. 2021 0:06


    Je otazka, jestli se to sharovani uz nedeje. Viz https://www.wired.com/story/whatsapp-facebook-data-share-notification/


    When WhatsApp launched a major update to its privacy policy in August 2016, it started sharing user information and metadata with Facebook. At that time, the messaging service offered its billion existing users 30 days to opt out of at least some of the sharing. If you chose to opt out at the time, WhatsApp will continue to honor that choice. The feature is long gone from the app settings, but you can check whether you're opted out through the “Request account info” function in Settings.

    Meanwhile, the billion-plus users WhatsApp has added since 2016, along with anyone who missed that opt-out window, have had their data shared with Facebook all this time.

    Ted bude tech dat asi jeste vice a samozrejme je otazka jak moc WA respektuje GDPR, resp. sve vlasti privacy policy pro EU uzivatele (odlisne od globalnich privacy policy).

    Tu volbu Request account info jsem zkusil a vysledek dostanu za 4 dny, coz uplne nesvedci o tom, ze nic neskryvaji.