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Názor ke zprávičce První patche zprovozňují Wine na Waylandu od tele - Nikoliv, jen to bylo testovano na.. Wine editorial work...

  • 5. 2. 2020 20:48


    Nikoliv, jen to bylo testovano na..
    Wine editorial work for Wayland tested in environments Arch Linux and Manjaro composite Weston server and driver support AMDGPU c API Vulkan. To require Mesa 19.3 or newer, collected with the support of Wayland, Vulkan and the EGL, the presence of the libraries SDL and FAUDIO, as well as support Esync or Fsync system. Supports the transition to full-screen mode by pressing F11 hot. At the current stage of development there is no support for OpenGL, game controllers, GDI-applications and a custom cursor. Do not operate launchers.

    For developers Wine-wayland distributions may be interested in the ability to provide a clean environment Wayland-c support run Windows-based applications, eliminating the need to install packages related to X11. The Wayland-based package Wine-wayland systems can achieve better performance and responsiveness of the game by eliminating unnecessary layers. In addition, the use of native Wayland makes it possible to get rid of the security problems inherent in X11 (for example, not credible game for X11 can spy on other applications - X11 protocol allows access to all events enter and carry out a substitution of fictitious keystrokes).