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Názor ke zprávičce Raspberry Pi 400: osobní počítač ukrytý v klávesnici od lzap - Tak důvod proč je myš na levé straně,...

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  • 4. 11. 2020 21:39


    Tak důvod proč je myš na levé straně, lépe řečeno USB port, je vysvětlen zde:


    We have already seen a few comments about the USB ports being on the left side of the unit, and the fact that this makes the mouse cable cross over for most right-handed users. The PCB shape had to be defined early on so that the industrial designers could get on with the housing design, and I then stared endlessly at the PCB layout, trying to get one of the USB ports to route to the right side without wrecking the signal integrity of the memory or the HDMI; I could not find a way to do this. Left-handed folks and Bluetooth mouse-owners will be happy at least!