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Názor ke zprávičce rm -rf znovu a znovu od anonym - Nevytratila se, ale pri derovani se operatorka prehlidla...

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  • 15. 1. 2006 23:24

    bez přezdívky
    Nevytratila se, ale pri derovani se operatorka prehlidla a naderovala misto carky tecku, cimz se z prikazu cyklu stal prikaz prirazeni :-p

    There is a useful lesson to be learned from the failure of one of the earliest planetary probes launched by NASA. The cause of the failure was eventually traced to a statement in its control software similar to this:
    DO 15 I = 1.100
    when what should have been written was:
    DO 15 I = 1,100
    but somehow a dot had replaced the comma. Because Fortran ignores spaces, this was seen by the compiler as:
    DO15I = 1.100
    which is a perfectly valid assignment to a variable called DO15I and not at all what was intended.