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Názor ke zprávičce systemd dostane oomd od Facebooku od Vladimír Čunát - Nějaké takové možnosti jsou, třeba co jsem rychle...

  • 11. 1. 2020 14:02

    Vladimír Čunát

    Nějaké takové možnosti jsou, třeba co jsem rychle z hlavy našel (man madvise):

    MADV_FREE (since Linux 4.5)
    The application no longer requires the pages in the range specified by addr and len. The kernel can thus free these pages, but the freeing could be delayed until memory pressure occurs. For each of the pages that has been marked to be freed but has not yet been freed, the free operation will be canceled if the caller writes into the page. After a successful MADV_FREE operation, any stale data (i.e., dirty, unwritten pages) will be lost when the kernel frees the pages. However, subsequent writes to pages in the range will succeed and then kernel cannot free those dirtied pages, so that the caller can always see just written data. If there is no subsequent write, the kernel can free the pages at any time. Once pages in the range have been freed, the caller will see zero-fill-on-demand pages upon subsequent page references.

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