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Názor ke zprávičce Třetí generace NTFS ovladače: plná podpora zápisu od Petr - S ad hominem muzu jen plne souhlasit :),...

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  • 18. 7. 2006 9:46

    Petr (neregistrovaný)
    S ad hominem muzu jen plne souhlasit :), ale s zurnalovanim moc ne.

    NTFS is a fail-safe system which can correct itself at practically any real failure. Any modern file system is based on such concept as transaction - the action made wholly and correct or not made at all. NTFS just doesn't have intermediate (erratic or incorrect) conditions - the data variation quantum cannot be divided on before failure or after it bringing breakups and muddle - it is either accomplished or cancelled.

    It is important to realise however that the system of NTFS restoration guarantees the correctness of the whole file system only, not your data. If you effected disk writing and have got a crash - often the correct data cannot be restored. The miracles do not happen.