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Názor ke zprávičce Útok na Visa.com byl vystopovatelný od Tom - pointa zprávy je upozornit na to, že používání...

  • 14. 12. 2010 15:20

    Tom (neregistrovaný) 213.192.56.---

    pointa zprávy je upozornit na to, že používání nástroje LOINC je zpětně vystopovatelné k útočníkovi a tedy varování o možném porušení právních norem uživatelem LOINC..


    4 Is the Anonymous group really anonymous?
    The time when hacking was an activity for a small elite is by now far away. The
    LOIC tool has shown that potentially anyone, more or less expert, can take part in a cyber operation from its own computer. It is out of the scope of this report to investigate where to draw the line between cyber-activism and cyber-crime, but it is clear that playing this game can put you in a legally uncertain position [7].

    In the LOIC FAQ we read:

    Q: “Will I get caught/arrested for using it?”
    A: Chances are next to zero. Just blame you have a virus, or simply
    deny any knowledge of it.

    We would like to rephrase the question as: is it technically feasible to identify a participant in the Anonymous operation? The answer depends on two factors: the tool and the generated data.