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Názor ke zprávičce x266, otevřená implementace H.266 / VVC se rodí od K> - V grafu obrazku je PSNR, pricemz wiki tvrdi...

  • 16. 9. 2020 13:26


    V grafu obrazku je PSNR, pricemz wiki tvrdi ze to je vhodna metrika jen pro porovnani vysledku stejneho codecu. Pricemz tento graf to porovnava pres ruzne codecy. Asi by se to dalo povazovat za matouci graf.

    "Performance comparison
    Although a higher PSNR generally indicates that the reconstruction is of higher quality, in some cases it may not. One has to be extremely careful with the range of validity of this metric; it is only conclusively valid when it is used to compare results from the same codec (or codec type) and same content.[8][9]

    Generally, PSNR has been shown to perform poorly compared to other quality metrics when it comes to estimating the quality of images and particularly videos as perceived by humans.[8][10]"

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