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foo2hp2600-wrapper - part of the printer driver foo2zjs


foo2hp2600-wrapper [options] [ps-file]


foo2hp2600-wrapper is a foomatic printer wrapper for the foo2hp2600 printer driver. This script reads a Postscript ps-file or standard input and converts it to Zenographics ZjStream printer format.

Normal Options:

-b bits
Bits per plane (1 or 2) [1]
Print in color (else monochrome)
-d duplex
Duplex code to send to printer [1] 1=off, 2=longedge, 3=shortedge
-m media
Media code to send to printer [1] 1=standard, 2=transparency, 3=glossy, 257=envelope, 259=letterhead, 261=thickstock, 262=postcard, 263=labels
-p paper
Paper code [1] 1=letter, 5=legal, 7=executive, 9=A4, 11=A5, 13=B5
-n copies
Number of copies [1]
-r <xres>x<yres>
Set device resolution in pixels/inch [600x600]
-s source
Source code to send to printer [7] 1=upper, 2=lower, 4=manual, 7=auto Code numbers may vary with printer model. -2 / -4 2-up, 4-up

Printer Tweaking Options:

-u <xoff>x<yoff>
Set offset of upper left printable in pixels [varies]
-l <xoff>x<yoff>
Set offset of lower right printable in pixels [varies]
-L mask
Send logical clipping values from -u/-l in ZjStream [3] 0=no, 1=Y, 2=X, 3=XY
Do not output START_PLANE codes. May be needed by some monochrome-only printers.
-X padlen
Add extra zero padding to the end of BID segments [16]

Color Tweaking Options:

-g gsopts
Additional options to pass to Ghostscript, such as -dDITHERPPI=nnn, etc. May appear more than once. []
-G profile.icm
Convert profile.icm to a Postscript CRD using icc2ps and adjust colors using the setcolorrendering PS operator. /usr/share/foo2zjs/icm/ will be searched for profile.icm.
-I intent
Select profile intent from ICM file [0] 0=Perceptual, 1=Colorimetric, 2=Saturation, 3=Absolute
-G gamma-file.ps
Prepend gamma-file to the Postscript input to perform color correction using the setcolortransfer PS operator.

Debugging Options:

-S plane
Output just a single color plane from a color print [all] 1=Cyan, 2=Magenta, 3=Yellow, 4=Black
-D lvl
Set Debug level [0]
-V $Id: foo2hp2600-wrapper.in,v 1.5 2005/11/13 14:57:13 rick Exp $


foo2hp2600-wrapper was written by Rick Richardson <rickr@mn.rr.com> .
This manual page was written by Steffen Joeris <steffen.joeris@skolelinux.de>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).