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gdmflexiserver - start a GDM session using the GDM flexible server mechanism, or in Xnest


gdmflexiserver \s-1GNOME\s0 options gdmflexiserver options


The flexi server mechanism allows to run \s-1GDM\s0 sessions on demand, in a new virtual console. The administrator can define multiple server configurations, using alternate X servers, or different options, in the gdm.conf file, and gdmflexiserver will present you with a menu, where you will be asked to choose between those server configurations marked with flexible=true.
Alternatively, the --xnest option allows you to run a new session in an Xnest(1) window.


In addition to the common Gtk and \s-1GNOME\s0 options, gdmflexiserver accepts the following options:
"-c Send the specified protocol command to gdm
"-n, Xnest mode
"-l, Do not lock current screen
"-d, Debugging output
"-a, Authenticate before running --command


gdm(8), Xnest(1).


gdmflexiserver is part of the \s-1GDM\s0 software package, which is part of the \s-1GNOME\s0 project. This manpage was written by Yann Dirson <dirson@debian.org> for the Debian system, but may be used by others.