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kfmclient - KDE tool for opening URLs from the command line


kfmclient [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [options] command [URL(s)]


kfmclient is a tool for opening local and remote URLs in Konqueror from the command line.



kfmclient openURL url [ mimetype ]
Opens a window showing url. url may be a relative path or file name, such as . or subdir/. If url is omitted, $HOME is used instead. If mimetype is specified, it will be used to determine the component that Konqueror should use. For instance, set it to text/html for a web page, to make it appear faster.


kfmclient newTab url [ mimetype ]
Same as above but opens a new tab with url in an existing Konqueror window on the current active desktop if possible.


kfmclient openProfile profile [ url ]
Opens a window using the given profile. profile is a file under ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/profiles. url is an optional URL to open.


kfmclient openProperties url
Opens a properties menu.


kfmclient exec [ url [ binding ] ]
Tries to execute url. url may be a usual URL, this URL will be opened. You may omit binding. In this case the default binding is tried. Of course URL may be the URL of a document, or it may be a *.desktop file. This way you could for example mount a device by passing 'Mount default' as binding to 'cdrom.desktop'.


kfmclient move src dest
Moves the URL src to dest. src may be a list of URLs.


kfmclient copy src dest
Copies the URL src to dest. src may be a list of URLs.


kfmclient download [ src ]
Copies the URL src to a user specified location. src may be a list of URLs, if not present then a URL will be requested.


kfmclient sortDesktop
Rearranges all icons on the desktop.


kfmclient configure
Re-read Konqueror's configuration.


kfmclient configureDesktop
Re-read kdesktop's configuration.


Generic options:

Show help about options
Show Qt specific options
Show KDE specific options
Show all options
Show author information
-v, --version
Show version information
Show license information
End of options

KDE options:

--caption <caption>
Use 'caption' as name in the titlebar
--icon <icon>
Use 'icon' as the application icon
--miniicon <icon>
Use 'icon' as the icon in the titlebar
--config <filename>
Use alternative configuration file
--dcopserver <server>
Use the DCOP Server specified by 'server'
Disable crash handler, to get core dumps
Waits for a WM_NET compatible windowmanager
--style <style>
sets the application GUI style
--geometry <geometry>
sets the client geometry of the main widget

Qt options:

--display <displayname>
Use the X-server display 'displayname'
--session <sessionId>
Restore the application for the given 'sessionId'
Causes the application to install a private color map on an 8-bit display
--ncols <count>
Limits the number of colors allocated in the color cube on an 8-bit display, if the application is using the QApplication::ManyColor color specification
tells Qt to never grab the mouse or the keyboard
running under a debugger can cause an implicit -nograb, use -dograb to override
switches to synchronous mode for debugging
--fn, --font <fontname>
defines the application font
--bg, --background <color>
sets the default background color and an application palette (light and dark shades are calculated)
--fg, --foreground <color>
sets the default foreground color
--btn, --button <color>
sets the default button color
--name <name>
sets the application name
--title <title>
sets the application title (caption)
--visual TrueColor
forces the application to use a TrueColor visual on an 8-bit display
--inputstyle <inputstyle>
sets XIM (X Input Method) input style. Possible values are onthespot, overthespot, offthespot and root
--im <XIM server>
set XIM server
disable XIM
mirrors the whole layout of widgets


kfmclient exec file:/root/Desktop/cdrom.desktop "Mount default"
Mounts the CD-ROM.
kfmclient exec file:/home/weis/data/test.html
Opens the file with default binding.
kfmclient exec file:/home/weis/data/test.html Netscape
Opens the file with netscape.
kfmclient exec ftp://localhost/
Opens new window with URL.
kfmclient exec file:/root/Desktop/emacs.desktop
Starts emacs.
kfmclient exec file:/root/Desktop/cdrom.desktop
Opens the CD-ROM's mount directory.
kfmclient exec .
Opens the current directory. Very convenient.


This manual page was written by Adeodato Simo <asp16@alu.ua.es> for the Debian system (but may be used by others). This manual page can be redistribute and/or modified it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 dated June, 1991.