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CyanogenMod končí, ale vznikl nový fork Lineage

27. 12. 2016


Cyanogen Inc 23.12.2016 oznámil, že ke konci roku vypne infrastrukturu, která se týká CyanogenMod. Jde například o servery nočního sestavení.

O den později, tedy 24.12.2016 v reakci na toto oznámení vznikl fork CyanogenMod s názvem Lineage Android Distribution. Oznámení o vzniku je nyní nedostupné, jako i celý cyanogenmod.org, nicméně lze použít například Google webcache.

(zdroj: phoronix)

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  • 27. 12. 2016 9:03


    tak postupne clovek prejde. Cilem je i aby slo preflashnout cyanogenmod romku bez nutnotsti wipeovat data atp - podobne jako u normaniho updatu. Monza odpadnou nejaka zarizeni - tusim, ze rikali, ze podporovane bude vse co ma CM 14.1 nightly build.

  • 27. 12. 2016 9:18


    A já se na to zrovna chystal, :-/.

    Tak podle všeho za to můžou ti sr...či z Cyanogen OS:

    December 24th, 2016 • Written by ciwrl
    A fork in the road

    Last week, we released the final CM-13.0 releases, updated to the latest security patches, in anticipation of what follows.

    Yesterday, Cyanogen Inc (Cyngn) announced that they were shutting down the infrastructure behind CyanogenMod (CM). This is an action that was not unpredictable given the public departure of Kondik (cyanogen himself) from the company, and with him our last remaining advocate inside Cyngn’s leadership.

    It will come as no surprise that this most recent action from Cyngn is definitely a death blow for CyanogenMod.

    However, CM has always been more than the name and more than the infrastructure. CM has been a success based on the spirit, ingenuity and effort of its individual contributors – back when it was Kondik in his home, to the now thousands of contributors past and present.

    Embracing that spirit, we the community of developers, designers, device maintainers and translators have taken the steps necessary to produce a fork of the CM source code and pending patches. This is more than just a ‘rebrand’. This fork will return to the grassroots community effort that used to define CM while maintaining the professional quality and reliability you have come to expect more recently.

    CM has served the community well over its 8 long years. It has been our home, bringing together friends from all over the world to celebrate our joy of building and giving. Its apt then that on this Eve of a holiday we pay our respects. We will take pride in our Lineage as we move forward and continue to build on its legacy.

    Thank you & Goodbye,
    The CyanogenMod Team


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